How much does refacing cost?

There are a lot of variables and options which go into the cost. An exact answer will require a free onsite discussion and measurement. Most of our projects fall between $8000 and $10,000 for the refacing portion and $5000 to $8000 for counter tops.
The variables are the size of your kitchen, the species and finish chosen, modifications, additional new cabinets, quantity of new drawers if needed, additional connivence items and so forth. We also offer a ballpark estimate via email with some very easy questions.

I’ve been told that refacing cost the same as new. Is that true?

No. This is a line from someone who only sells new cabinets or from someone who received a quote from a well known big box store who is way over priced while selling substandard materials. i.e. RTF.

How do you do a ballpark estimate via email?

Per your email request I will reply with some very simple questions. We take your answers and compare them to past completed jobs of similar size and scope. If the estimate is close to your budget then please let us come and do a free onsite quote. Apples to apples we will beat any other quote by 5%.

How long does installation take?

Most of our installations take 2 to 3 days. We have at least two craftsmen on each installation and at times three.

What type of finishes do you offer?

We use what is known as “Conversion Varnish”. It is not a true varnish but rather a two part epoxy type finish. It is the very best finish being used for this type of application. It is harder, more liquid resistant with greater UV protection then the old pre-catalyzed lacquers, lacquers, urethanes and vanishes.

Do you finish onsite?

No. We finish everything offsite in a controlled environment. We use a very minimal amount of solvent base glues and finish onsite.

Do you offer white?

For solid pigmented such as white we use a paint grade hard maple. We offer Cherry, Select white maple, Alder, Beech, Hickory, Oak in a natural/clear finish and many many stains. We also offer Walnut, Rift white oak and Sapele Mahogany.

Do you offer vinyl doors?

Otherwise known as RTF vinyl. No, we do not offer it. And we recommend that everyone steer clear of it. All though RTF is cost effective in the short term, it is prone to delamination.

Do you offer soft-close hardware?

All doors we install use a soft-close hinge from “Blum”.
We offer two different types of drawer boxes and slides. both type of slides are full extension, heavy duty. The better of the two is an undermount soft-close slide.

Do you do free quotes?

Yes. We ask a few questions before in order to make sure that we are on the same page about what your asking for and what we offer.

What do you do about the interiors?

Typically the interiors are left untouched. The whole idea behind refacing is to achieve a beautiful kitchen at a fraction of the cost of all new. The interiors are one of the places this is achieved. On occasion customers will paint their interiors prior to installation. We will address the interiors of glassed doored and opened cabinets.

Do you use solid 1/4” on the face frames?

We do, where it is appropriate. Recently, a claim by a refacing company is, they only use solid wood to reface with. They infer that it is superior to all other methods. This is false. This can get a bit technical and is best explained in person. But the primary reason is that wood is like a sponge constantly moving if not properly arrested and can cause warpage, cupping and buckling.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes. We have a five year limited warranty for residential and three year for commercial.